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his eyes have all the seeming of a demon's that is dreaming

[OOC] How's My Driving?
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I welcome any and all feedback on how I'm playing Gilbert, so please feel free to drop me a line if you have anything to say! Anonymous comments are on, comments are screened, IP logging is off, you know the drill.

[OOC] Character Application
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This is the IC contact post for Gilbert Nightray at luceti — need your character to meet up with or talk with him, but it's not quite worth making an entirely new post for it? Leave a comment here.

When making a new thread, please mark the subject with Action/Video/Voice/Written and the date (e.g., [Action, August 3]).

sixth raven // action/voice
[Even though he'd heard before that death isn't a permanent thing in Luceti, it's still rather a surprise for Gilbert to find himself back in the village again. Surprise, however, quickly gives way to the realization that damn it's cold out and he's in the snow in insufficient clothing. Hopefully the Malnosso were kind enough to repair his coat for him, but if so they certainly didn't leave it for him to wear. Clearly he just needs to get to the store to find it. That and his hat. His hat had better be waiting for him.

Something... doesn't feel right, though. It's not like a headache, but rather the opposite of one, which thought doesn't make sense even as it occurs to him, though it's the only comparison he can come up with. Like his head is too light, emptier than before, and being dizzy and distracted isn't necessarily a good thing when it's this cold out and he's trying to find his way home.

Gilbert finally dredges up a scrap of logical reasoning and half-staggers over to the closest wall, leaning against whatever building that might be and opening the journal he had been clutching to himself like a shield without even stopping to consider what he was holding.]

...hello? Is anyone listening?

[Hopefully someone is. And that someone is nearby. Preferably with a blanket. (And hopefully the message was coherent enough with his teeth chattering like they are.)]

fifth raven // action/accidental voice
[The shift back from child to full-grown man happened while Gilbert was taking a midafternoon nap, but even though he was asleep he still notices it really quickly... since his clothing sort of didn't change with him.

At the feeling of being half-strangled in clothing that's far too small for him he jerks awake and rolls off his bed with a loud thump that also knocks his journal over and open. It subsequently broadcasts even more thumping, semi-incoherent mutters and swearing, and the sound of fabric tearing as he attempts to free himself before his circulation is cut off completely.

If anyone wants to help him (especially housemates who'd probably hear the ruckus) feel free. And any trolls can likewise feel free to add commentary— the journal will be sitting open until either someone else closes it or Gilbert finally realizes it's there.]

fourth raven // action
tiny flashback gil
[Y halo thar, Luceti Land, someone was just dropped in the middle of the park post-mallynap... and a little younger than he usually is. Or maybe a lot younger. Like about fifteen years younger.

Suffice it to say, there's a boy who looks about nine running around the park, and he's lost and confused and kind of hungry. He'll be getting into just about anything and running off with everything else left unattended— set your food down for a minute? It's gone now, shoved into his mouth. Did you leave that booth prize you won sitting beside you? He grabbed it and ran off in order to get a better look at it. (Unless it's one of the huge plushies the same size as he is. Those are just creepy.) His main objectives are to a) figure out where he is and b) find Vincent and/or Jack, so he'll search the entire park if he needs to, occasionally calling their names.

Want to catch him in the act? Follow to retrieve your belongings? (Move quickly if so, he runs pretty fast.) Lead him on a wild goose chase in search of his brother? Whatever, anything goes!]

{{ooc: replies will be coming from ishisservant.}}

third raven // action
[Location: somewhere in Luceti. Anywhere. Randomly.

Wherever it is, a man just appeared there (accompanied by a scattering of ragged black feathers far too large to have come from his wings) and then promptly collapsed, unconscious. He's wearing New Feather pants and looks rather battered, with bruising around wrists and ankles and a gash on the left side of his neck that still sluggishly oozes blood.

Did he just appear by you? What do?]

{{ooc: Gilbert has just returned from mallynap and attempted to use the newly-reacquired Raven to teleport. It didn't go well, so he can be anywhere, continuity's no matter. :Db}}

second raven // video
[The video feed turns on, shifting to display a ceiling, a wall, then a door; from the other side of the door can be heard the sounds of a shower and a muffled tenor voice singing... something. A hand reaches out to open the door, slowly and carefully, then the journal is lowered to the ground and slid into the bathroom proper (giving just a brief flash of blond hair and a quickly-stifled snicker).

Now that the door is open and the journal is closer to the source of the sound it's pretty clear that, yes, someone is singing in the shower. The someone would be Gilbert, and the song seems to be something about plucking feathers from a skylark, except that he only remembers half the words and keeps going back to verses he already sang. After a couple minutes, though, he pauses and peeks out from behind the curtain— and upon noticing the cracked-open door and the journal on the floor promptly shoves the curtain completely closed again.]


[He would. But he can't. Because then he'd have to leave the shelter of the curtain... which is on camera.]

first raven // action
[It's generally accepted that arriving in Luceti is going to be a confusing experience for New Feathers, and occasionally it ends up being unpleasant, uncomfortable, or outright embarrasing, depending on the location and situation in which said New Feather awakens. Fortunately for Gilbert he didn't land in the lake or a tree or anywhere else potentially dangerous: he's just in the middle of the plaza, in fact.

However, he opens his eyes to find none of the scenery he expected — none of it is even familiar in any way. That plus the lack of his regular clothing and the soreness on his back (like an ache in muscles he didn't know existed) could very well have kept his attention in any other situation, but now?

This time, as soon as he looks around he spots... a cat? Or not. Something very feline in appearance, though, and even worse, heading right for him. Forgetting everything else he pushes back to find himself pressed against the wall immediately behind him, frozen in place and trying not to look as though he's shivering. It's not a cat but it looks like a cat and where is he and what is going on...]

{{OOC: Gilbert is currently cornered against the wall of one of the plaza shops by an incredibly terrifying Sial, who just wants scritches. Will you rescue a poor New Feather from the foul beast?}}


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